Benefits of Outsourcing Web Technology Work to India

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Benefits of Outsourcing to India

Are there any benefits of outsourcing to India, or to any country where English is not the first language?

If none, then why do web content providers established in India appear to be thriving? Actually, only one benefit emerges from outsourcing to India for website building purposes–the price.

One of the reasons why it is much cheaper than outsourcing to American web content providers and web design specialists is because India has an excessive amount of college graduates with degrees oriented towards all aspects of information technology.

With so many graduates needing employment and flooding the workforce, outsourcing remains cheap and easy to come by. Unfortunately, many website owners are not aware of this and expeditiously hire the services of an Indian company, only to be disappointed and frustrated by the results.Think Twice Before Outsourcing to India

Although it is tempting to save money by using an Indian-based webmaster or content “farm”, often the benefits of outsourcing to India stop at the price. Site owners who have experience with Indian companies generally have suffered from issues such as:

  1. Severe problems with grammatical and phrasing errors in web content
  2. Sloppy and uninspired website creation
  3. Communication troubles due to language and cultural differences
  4. Outsourced projects found to be copied and resold to competing sites
  5. Poorly executed programming which constantly needs “patching” up (known as “spaghetti programming”)
  6. Indian outsourcing companies are infamous for having a high-turnover rate of developers, leading to instability and lack of incentive on the part of the programmers
  7. Dishonesty about knowledge of the English language just to get the job
  8. Good Indian programmers are hired by financial institutions and prestigious software agencies–outsourcing companies are merely hiring those who cannot find jobs elsewhere due to lack of ability
  9. Confidentiality issues may arise if outsourcing payroll or other classified information to a foreign company
  10. Delivery times can be questionable due to the turnover rate of outsourced programming and writing companies – Outsourcing Web Content Writing from India
  11. Have you ever visited a website and started reading the content, only to stop, puzzled. The website appears to be US-based, but what you are reading is almost incomprehensible, with awkward phrasing; using words and phrases that no American would ever use. Not only that, but the same phrase (the keyphrase) appears in every other sentence, most of the time, not making any sense at all.

Chances are you had stumbled across a website with content written, most probably by, Indian or Pakistani content writers.

Obvious problems of bad content are:

  1. Poor grammar
  2. Keyword stuffing
  3. Syntax errors
  4. Awkward phrasing
  5. Improper references
  6. Sentences containing wrongly conjugated verbs will immediately signal search engines that something is not quite right with the site.
  7. Bad content on your website will have the following result:
  8. Low to no page rank by the search engines
  9. Little to no traffic
  10. Visitors click in and out of the site, without moving deeper into the site
  11. Requests for link exchanges are denied
  12. Poor sales conversionBad Content is Costly
  13. If “content is king”, bad content is deadly. When search engines like Google encounter bad content, it won’t be just that page containing the bad content that is not ranked, but they may demote the entire website or even refuse to give it any ranking at all.

So, while quality content can be costly, the benefits of outsourcing to India for web content are non-existent. You’ve heard the proverb “penny wise and pound foolish”. While you might save a few cents on cheap content, the overall cost could be astronomical. Do it Right the First Time.

Why not do it right the first time? At Web Content Provider, all of our writers are born and raised in either the United State or the United Kingdom, and English is not their second language. In addition, they are not fresh-faced kids just out of college who have never held a job, travel the world or experienced life.

Our writers are mature adults, many with college degrees, and knowledge gained by work and life experiences. This often allows them to create unique content, by applying their experiences, education and training, instead of only researching and repeating what’s already been said on other websites.

Not only that, but our writers are trained to use the keyphrase in such a way, that when you add your keyphrase bottom of the page as a link back to the index page, your page will pass the Analyzer just about 100% of the time! No keyword stuffing or keyphrase spamming here.

Before you make a mistake, thinking you are going to experience the benefits of outsourcing to India, think again. Let us show you what we can do. You will thank us, your visitors will thank you, and ultimately your wallet will thank you.


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